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The studio

Founded in 2002, Located in Tel Aviv, Bardo recording studio is the largest studio in Israel. With our state of the art control rooms, Bardo is considered the “Holy Grail” of the Recording industry in Israel. Over the years we've worked with the top selling artists both in Israel, and artists from major labels in Europe (Sony music, Century Media, etc). Bardo was designed and built by Recording Architecture from London, and has 3 studios: Studio A - The main studio. Designed for a full scale live recordings. The studio is based around our SSL 4040G console, 40 I/O Pro Tools HDX system and a ton of vintage outborad. Studio B - Our Mastering suite - High end, world standard mastering studio. Studio C - For the production and creation of music. We invite you to join our Bardo experience, and listen to your music like you have never listened before.


Our mastering technology is based on a highend, state of the art mastering room, and gear. The mastering technique was developed by our engineers, after years of experience, and mastering for countless tracks. The mastering studio was designed and built by Recording Architecture from London, England. The studio was specially designed to hold a world standard mastering room. Our gear was carefully picked to suit our high demands, to ensure our clients the best non compromising results.

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We, at Bardo Mastering understand the meaning of conserving time. That's why we've opened our mastering suite for online services. Whether it's a single or a full album, all you have to do is send us the mix, and our top mastering engineers will send you back a mastered, sonically enhanced track.

The last and final phase before your music is distributed is the Mastering phase, which must be done in a high-end studio in order to maintain sonic industry standard.   Bardo Studios has a specially designed, acoustically-accurate mastering room, with high-end monitors and world standards mastering gear, manned by our top engineers, you are guaranteed with the best result possible.

We invite you to enjoy our mastering introductory offer:

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