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My affair with music began back in high school.

I studied electronics, and then continued to Galei Zahal (the IDF radio station) as an engineer.

The following, natural, step was sound engineering studies in New-York University.

In 1989 I was part of those who built and established “Hamon” Studios. My responsibilities involved the planning, the acoustic building, the equipment purchase, training the assistant engineers and all aspects of professional management. At the same time, I also recorded dozens of live performances across the country.

I have over thirty years of cooperating with artists, musicians, producers, record companies, thousands of songs, hundreds of albums, that cover the entire spectrum of Israeli music.

During my career, I was rewarded with gold, platinum, double and triple-platinum albums. I was also rewarded by working with hundreds of Israeli and foreign musicians, both with the more established ones of the industry as well as with young talents. Among them are: Ehud Banai, Mashina, Mosh Ben-Ari, Eran Zur, Hayehudim, Amir Lev, Daniel Salomon, Ramy Fortis, Shahar Even-Zur, Bamidbar, Muky, Tact, Maya Buskila, Korin Allal, The Mind Church, Arik Einstein, Shalom Hanoch, Shlomo Artzi, Rita and many moreā€¦


With love and great respect to music and all its creators,

Jacob Moreno